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Adium is a client of instant messaging compatible with most networks and that integrates perfectly with Mac OS X.

Thanks to Adium, you can talk at the same time with friends from MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ, MySpace, or Facebook and file sharing with them or send them emoticons.

Adium is highly configurable, so you decide if you want to be notified with a message of Growl or a sound whenever they send you something, if you want to know when you receive an email and even decide the style of emoticons or Adium icon.

Adium supports plugins, so it is easy to give a new look or add features.

  • Essential
  • Compatible with most networks
  • Improved plugins, skins and themes
  • Good integration with Mac OS X
  • Supports Growl
  • It has no support for video and audio
  • It does not include the elements of each IM client

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Adium reviews

el cubi

the truth I have used it bit but...: but it seems to be good, functional and attractive design. I have used it just because I use way continuous messaging and facebook chat more skype, with which time adium is a third place for me, does not mean that it is not satisfied with the program only use so little at the moment. Best regards.


Very good, but lack of improvements: It is very useful to have all instant messaging services in one, but the trouble is that not is exploited to the maximum each of them. For example Live Messenger has features such as video call, videodisplays, mood displays, custom emoticons, etc that Audium does not have.


Good, but missing features...: Very good program, works perfect. What is missing are the functions, for example, video, buzz, etc... It is a good idea the combine all messaging clients in oneself, that's the good thing about this program. Let us hope that the next version will have more.


Very good!: It is very useful since you can have all messaging accounts into a single application, it is very practical and has a nice interface I stay with the...


The best: For me it is the best. To chat. For other things, I have not tried it, because I have skype. It is comfortable, fun, has a chance to change fonts, colors, appearances, emoticons...In addition, integrates all the email accounts: hotmail, gmail, yahoo... I had msn, microsoft msn and amsn, because I love to try them all, but I've left them behind because they were me dull, boring and less versatile in terms of appearance and unification of accounts.


Essential: Well I'm new to mac and recommend me to use this program, I have to say that it is easy to use, very colorful and works perfectly with your messenger contacts... The messenger is the first thing you look for when you go to mac, because it is the program that everyone uses... have the option of windows messenger, but I was tired of the and this probe, and not I regret nothing. Much more attractive, intuitive, no refills, or spyware, or advertising, or anything. Incredibly customizable, you can use multiple accounts at the same time... in the end, has everything, less video conferencing, which is the only bug that I see. PREFERRED


Very configurable and stable alternative!: Very configurable and stable alternative! Definitely useful and fun, is highly configurable since from your page you can download wallpapers, types, apps and more, something that not many get. For those who use webcam, will have a problem, because it does not have this function. Something importanate is the multi-functionality of having all your contacts in a single list without relying on that account have such as msn, yahoo, aol and bonjour, all in one, in addition to be very original in the dock. Install it and salt than normal, also consumes very few resources.


Is not bad: It is not bad the program, although you could be improved with new features and design.


Many options: The program if same is very useful, for people who have several messengers like me. Likewise, you have everything under one roof. The program Adium is very easy to connect. It is very stable, and fast you connect to the network.


Good: For me it is faciil to handle works properly and is quick


I like it: It is light and easy. You can display it to your liking. I use it always.


Very good for multiple accounts at the same time: Adium is very good for when you have an account with gmail, another with msn, another with yahoo and so, because you don't have to have several programs relentizando your system. Add all to adium and can open you want to, talk through that you need and keep all other invisible.

=Iron Maiden=

A full but cumbersome program: I've honestly tried quite some time the Adium, I've got skins and of everything but at the end I am leaving with the simplicity and cleanliness of msn always. What happens to the amsn, although this has more configuration possibilities. Anyway I feel uncomfortable, I do not quite convince as the text in the conversation. The subject of the sources is not clear, put one and then you see another, I just do not convince, that is my opinion.




The new update 1.3.1!: Excellent! Inevitably my favorite... beautiful, lightweight, and functional. And little by little better.


Icons and nicks...: I love the program, not to be so in my opinion are two major drawbacks. A lot of people use msn at microsoft, and gives them to nicks in COLOR, and from here that there is nothing, to swallow with codes... also repatea me to not be able to add icons as in amsn for example, that a contact shows you an icon and add it, without complication. In this messaging client you must manage yourself with the basics of msn, if you want that your contacts can see them... Well obviously if these two drawbacks we add the webcam and sounds... Aesthetics is not everything... I'll stick with aMsn for mi is the best option in mac ;)


Adium: It is a program very useful for what it is. It is a very good alternative to the amsn or msn live for mac. But I'm still missing for the cam, and others. If you like cam transmission you have to change to Mercury.


Complicated: I have not had the opportunity to analyze in depth, it seems full and therefore complicated in its configuration and operation. If I have more time I will try to download it again.


impossible to download: I used & quot; download Adium from Softonic & quot; using two telephone messages... And not be Disclaimer (the msm if they charged me for them). Now that is done?


So Kind! ^-^: The truth is that this program saves me keep in touch with my friends in the office, to my I love its graphic interface since it can persnalizar as you want, make it of the more discreet as possible or even shrill. I love and also you can download icons oara customize it in the dock bar there are many very funny. Anyway, I like very much!


Essential: Perfect for those who use more than one courier service and want the flexibility to decide at a moment many of them are connected. Ideal for those who speak with her cousin in hotmail, with his uncle in mallorca in the googletalk and neighboring above in the jabber


Pretty well.: The adium would be perfect with the function of videocam Conference... The rest is perfect...hopefully someday


So cute: I like this application, the only thing I regret is the incompatibility of the icons with users of pc i.e. I if I see them in my window but they the mine does not, so how can I not save icons...


Depart: Tremendous, unbelievable, out... The multitude of configuration option makes it almost possible to have a program to suit you. Perfect for all those who want to have the program visible but taking up very little space. Great in all respects, only video conferencing we miss


Little by little I approach more to the: I have never been a supporter of this program, but over time, I have to admit that I'm getting closer but, above all by its graphic interface, use mercury msn tb but it is not the same, it is not so nice... evil that still has no video conferencing is very stable and configurable this program (mercury tb) but little by little I like moregive it a try


MacPepe: Very, but very nice, application for mac, with a graphical interface that is unsurpassed worthy... peeeeero, and the webcam? The audio? Link with mail?.. .le missing much in terms of functions.


Very good: I very good pareceio, the appearance, you can modify the sounds, warnings, colors, everything... It is very good, you can't just use the camera...


Large Adium: Adium is the best for mac, only lacks integrated with see through web cam


Not bad: It is a very nice and very stable program but that is not enough, it has a long way to go, like the webcam, audio, winks...


I like it: It is the best that exists for mac so far but what I don't like is that I have no link to my email but everything is perfect and combinated with growl is even better


Is for 10.4: This version is only for 10.4 not for 10.2.7 & lt; as the description says, I have 10.3.9 so I'll stick with the previous version t_t


Very nice but nothing more: It is still a good alternative to the microsoft messenger, is very nice but is the only thing that has, has neither to cam, or for audio, or to find out if anyone has space (adium leaves)...


The maximum: Just this little program is the best for mac, unfortunately does not have video conferencing but is a matter of patience


Little by little: A very stable program to keep conversations and list users but have not thought about the needs of the user. Then write it in best it and worst.


It lacks much: This very well the program in terms of interface graphics but need something more than that, the truth esque each version will better but I'll stick with mercury msn 1.9rc7c


Adium: Very good, but which had before always warned me when I had mail and this does not... Anyone knows because?


The best Messenger for X no doubt: Adium x is without a doubt the best instant mensajeraia for mac program you x without any doubt gereno, plays in its favour: -multiple messaging (hotmail, yahoo!, jabber, aol, etc.) -intuitive and friendly graphical interface (is written in cocoa) -stability (unlike microsoft messenger) -low consumption of resources (note that suspends its rival amsn) 0% 100% problems advantages, and in Spanish.



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