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Android SDK is the kit of development needed to schedule and implement all kinds of applications for Android, Google mobile operating system.

This package or development kit includes the Tools and APIs to develop applications using JAVA as a programming language and test the code, respectively.

Attached libraries in the Android SDK are compatible with the following development environments: Eclipse, JDK5 or JDK6, Android Development Tool Plugin and Apache Ant.

  • It includes examples
  • Essential to test your own developments
  • Preconfigured Internet connection
  • Much documentation available
  • Applications have to be install by command line

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Android SDK reviews


How to proceed with the installation: Download me a .zip or as a folder that I install to have the android sdk?


excellent progra...: PS not for nothing this in competition with the iphone 3G, allowing you browse all applications containing the op system. Android


I can not download it: Hello even though I have tried several times with an EPAD from 10 & quot; there is no way to download it from any site, it would be interesting to know if it will work with these devices.


Excellent program...: Here I leave a Video showing this fantastic software in action this installed in the new Google Phone Nexus One HTC Android 2.1, no doubt leaves you nothing to envy to the IPHONE 3G S http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZViJ49W3gE


Good application to show you the new android: This application allows you to navigate through the General options that have phones that come with the OS android, Google... explore the application and see if you would like to have a phone of this...


Problems with Android SDK: Hello.. I have a problem running this program, simply opens the CMD window but it closes. I have OS Win XP SP 2... does anyone know if you need to upgrade some components so that you can run well? or something I'm doing wrong?! Anyone know what the problem... I've been looking on the net and nothing related!


Serves to...: This apliccacion allows us to create programs for this OS from google, android, aprte account with a simulation of as it is.


Estaria well a manual to know that it is: Estaria well that someone posted a manual or images of what you can do with this application. by than I am right now with the article that I have read not is that actually serves etc can be

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Java 7 JDK

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The preview for developers of Java JDK 8

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The preview for developers of Java JDK 8

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