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Google Chrome is Google's web browser. With it you can open applications and web games in a nice, easy way and, above all, fast. It is the main alternative to Firefox and Safari.

It is more than a browser

Chrome is a young and fast browser with which you can navigate any web page. It is compatible with all technologies and leading standards, such as HTML5 and Flash.

You should know that Google Chrome, in addition to loading web pages, you can run complex web applications, like Angry Birds or Chrome Remote Desktop, all of them are free.

Chrome, in sum, is thought to be virtually an operating system within the operating system, the window in which you are going to run all of your applications. And it is the basis, indeed, Chrome OS.

Private and synchronized browsing

To connect to a Google account, Chrome is able to synchronize data of navigation and tabs between several Mac and devices. It is a very convenient option if you use Chrome for Android or iOS.

It Incognito mode, a style of navigation that does not store any files on your hard disk, is ideal for maintaining privacy: does not store cookies, images nor leaves traces.

A completely customizable experience

A unique feature of Chrome is the support for multiple users, allowing to use shared chrome on a single computer, essential if you have visitors who wish to browse or if a single Mac is used in house.

Finally, Google Chrome, you can customize and improve through extensions and themes. There are thousands and they satisfy all tastes and needs. And the themes can easily create them yourself .

A revolutionary usability

Google Chrome is a program very easy to use. Its unique toolbar, Omnibox, allows you to enter web addresses and search in Google. As written words, Google Chrome suggests results from the page history, Favorites or installed web applications.

Another milestone that demonstrates the ease of use of Chrome is fast marker - page initial-, from which you can access to the most visited, to your favorite web applications or Eyelash recently closed (on your Mac or on other devices synchronized).

Finally, Google Chrome Options panel is a single page in which you can search instantly settings to modify. It is quite pleasant to use classical window full of typical tabs of Firefox and Safari.

Privacy to a click away

Remove navigation data is very easy. Go to the menu Tools of Google Chrome and in options open the Advanced panel. There, click the button clear browsing data, and choose the time period and the type of data that you want to delete.

In what refers to the Incognito mode, activated from the Tools menu or by pressing command + shift. + N. see how subtly window changes appearance to indicate that you are now browsing without saving data on the PC.

Exceptional performance and compatibility

Thanks to its V8 engine, Google Chrome is consistently at the top of the main comparative speed. This performance improves version after version.

Compatible with all web standards, such as HTML5 and Flash, Chrome load PDF files with your own Viewer. You must not worry install plugins or modify options: Chrome takes-all built-in.

Special safety care

When browsing, security is very important, and Google Chrome pages with virus filters so that you do not go to them and load each tab separately; Thus, if a page becomes unstable, no need to close the browser.

Today, it is the best

They are more and more people using Google Chrome as your primary browser. Its attractive design, high speed and customization possibilities make it a strong candidate to lead the market for browsers.

The best alternatives? Only Opera and Firefox can stand up.

  • Thousands of extensions and themes
  • Exceptional performance
  • Incognito mode
  • Integrated translation and PDF reader
  • Data synchronization
  • Privacy management
  • Sometimes not import passwords
  • Some pages look bad
  • Only 10% of the malware it blocks

Google Chrome screenshots and videos

Google Chrome reviews


Regular browser: It has many errors, does not expand sometimes the & quot; read more & quot; Facebook, joomla sites, not open windows popup in sales online, error with roundcube sites to write an email (delete the contact address when is this entering) does not open mojomaker facilities, not open software on softonic example images, the screen goes black, do not send the form since the buttons stop working... Note: all this happens on mac, not on windows...


you want to see something more slower than internet explorer 6 chrome is the choice: asco's browser has been falling much quality, this last version for mac is a total failure, so that made me remember internet explorer 6 Windows, I think it would be more faster than chrome for mac, google, going from bad to worse


The best internet browser and the more rapid: For mi is the best Web browser, since it has many Pros in their favor. It is easy to use, simple, very fast, very fluid and has a lot of extensions that you can install. Highly recommended to download it and try it :)


It is the best, in my opinion: I have tested with other browsers, such as internet explorer or Mozilla, i no I've liked for nothing, the way that files are downloaded... In the end chrome I like qe-shaped discharge files, i me enkanto put your theme, and all applications offering, games, and others... I love it!


Very good: Since it has come out I have been using it without any problems and the chat option is acceptable and you can communicate as in facebook or better, is a very good browser and currently use it to think that it is better than firefox, fast, functional is that I can't say nothing wrong works great


Google and Apple, such as nail and meat: What happens with Chrome - after using Firefox for a long time already - reminds me of what happened to me years ago when I decided to make the transition from Windows to Mac: curiosity and fear to not get me not to take advantage of, not understand it... And it has happened to me now like then: in just a few minutes have become you my default browser. Everything is designed to make it easy. Perhaps too? That's what I thought when I came to Mac OS X, but I soon realized that that want to fiddling with everything to configure my way was a simple custom. You have paints that will happen to me the same thing with Chrome and the things that now I miss, soon seem me superficial. Now that I finally know it, I'm surprised that it was not created before for Mac to PC.


time to recycle other browsers: Since you took out google Chrome for windows have been completely against this browser but now that I've been able to prove a decent version for mac os although beta I have to say that the time that disappear some browsers now is, for my part, I can say that it seems very fast, with a nice interface that can be changed (topics) and many other things that will come with the final versionGoodbye Firefox, Safari as it comes with the system there remains but it can do little with what comes... I recommend try it even if it is a beta (va luxury)


Chrome Mac, taste a little: This version beta seemed very interezante at the time, but let it be when I learned that almost is the same as the stable version which will be released soon, still things missing as the synchronization of Favorites or bookmarks, a manager of markers, neither app mode that allows the execution of applications, task manager, gears, fullscreen, MultiTouch gestures and Full Extension Support, as you can see are many things that are waiting, and are things that have been implemented in windows has quite a while (most).


Best web browser tested: My Google chrome me towards laziness download it because I had it on windows and I was fatal. A day to download and download it put it in the dock by replacing to safari. It has few extensions, it is true, but iran evolving more and more. To me what more I was impressed me was the variety of topics that you can put on the appearance of the chrome. In short, google has worked hard and also has long strived to make it mac format.


What's new is not always good for the novelty. Chrome makes the difference: Sometimes one tends to think that everything new is good... in fact, one would think that the difference between browsers would be very bold when it came out Chrome:Mac (as occurred on the Windows platform). But the truth is that the novelty of something new sometimes cheating objectivity. Google Chrome has a sleek design and functionality & quot; improved & quot;. But the truth, had my serious doubts in terms of performance and functionality. Then have it tested, I have come to realize that learning, development, and feedback to the Google Chrome team collected on the Windows platform, have been moved to MAC and the result is exquisite. A browser height, fast performance and now with new features. A new experience I recommend 100%

cold eyes

fast and beautiful: the truth is that since my mac I work with safari mainly (will be the costubre) but I recognize that fast and with a very attractive design


It lacks much : It lacks much to be a default browser, there are pages that it becomes very slow with, and browse is not in all cases as fast as they advertised.



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