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Corel Painter IX, painting and illustration with natural means more powerful market tool, helps graphic designers, photographers, and professional artists to use their natural talent to create stunning works of art.

The program puts at your disposal all the tools that you can imagine (and need) to make your own artistic creations on the PC, recreating the experiences and sensations of the traditional methods of canvas and paint.

This sophisticated application is specially designed to capture the nuances of traditional artistic tools, using the power of digital media at the same time.

You can expand your creative horizons by blending colors freely, testing and experimenting with dozens of brushes, materials and textures, and combining it all together until you find the best way to express your ideas through digital art.

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Corel Painter reviews


rosmery: Very good and great tools for the cartoonist and painter, is a bit complex and the tutorial is in English.Use it for 30 days with great interest, until it ended, I wanted to download it again, and I was not possible.


rosmery: I think that this program is a very good tool for design and painting.It has various instruments and palettes useful for the development of the work.


This super but something coplicadito!: The truth this program is very useful for a draughtsman but knowing use allows you to perform exlentes hurts artworks that still not handling it very well. But is very good only depends on the user...


Corel painter: Is a way too good, full of herramientras program very useful for painting and design, its advanced variety of way of Paintbrush and pencil allows you to have a facility to be able to redecorate the images simply and that having an advanced management on the part of pitura is would create fantastic designs with good effects and above all 100% original


Almaroj: It is up to the smell of the tool feels incredible, textures brushes cake just great etc


Easy to use and very good editor: It is a software that one must have, very intuitive use and possibilities of advanced, could not be expected nothing less from Corel.


very easy: It is the best program... after photoshop to edit images I like xk tmb has to make pictures with watercolors and that... is my favorite PS is heavy hehe


Very good: As if this soft, but to download could use only for 30 days longer than serial numbers didn't know which were, wanted to re-download, but I could no longer use it. Some of you don't know what are those numbers?


Very good but...: I think it is the best digital painting program But its only flaw is that all versions come in English I hope that corel is play a little more and take some trials of painter in Spanish


One of the best editors: It plays its role well


be 4.80

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Graphical editor for your digital comic drawings

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Impressive utility for creating drawings

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PaintTool SAI

PaintTool SAI

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The usefulness of drawing that awakens your artistic side

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