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ffmpegX is a video based on ffmpeg converter, a set of libraries for video conversion that has been earned the top in quality. With ffmpegX make use all its power without having to resort to complicated commands on the Terminal.

For starters, ffmpegX is compatible with the majority of formats video and audio. Secondly, it offers virtually any option you need to customize the video conversion, integrating audio and subtitles, customizing the resolution and format and adapting the size of the resulting video so that it fits on a CD/DVD.

The only drawbacks of ffmpegX are, on the one hand, you have that download separate components to use ffmpegX (mpeg2enc, mencoder and mplayer), and that by having so many choices you can't miss them.

Luckily, the official website of ffmpegX offers step-by-step guides to perform most of the functions offered.

  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with the majority of formats
  • Good conversion results
  • Very configurable
  • Support for subtitles
  • Little intuitive

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ffmpegX reviews


I have no password... What should I do?: To my me passes as willywalker it asks me the password which I don't have. Does anyone know the solution to this? .. .and for those who do not can download the mpeg2enc (which cost me the his find for nothing) you have to do is click on the text & quot; mpeg2enc & quot; with the CRTL button (if you have a mouse with two buttons using only the right button) you will see the 5 options, grabs the of Centre & quot; save file linked in the desktop & quot; and you download it to your desktop. Then there add the .txt extension that is done simply by adding it to the name of the file and accept the operation. I hope to serve you by me after thousand laps still do not use it.


But who designed this crap? Bill Gates?: Codecs do not travel well, it is impossible to install this crap. Probably it is fantastic for that invented it, it will be the only one who can use it. Do not lose time downloading this.


Excellent program: FfmpegX is an excellent program, have difficulty if you are installing for the first time, but once installed gives us many functions. As some ask how to install it, I recommend to follow the advices given in www.ffmpegx.com/ download, in particular at the foot of the letter, the mpeg2enc binary have to save them as file & quot;.txt & quot; either by copying what you leave on screen, or desgargandolo as a linked file and changing the name to, for example, & quot; mpeg2enc.txt & quot; then discharged the other two, who come together in a folder and have greater difficulty. In the library of your user name, you may believe a folder with the name of the program and put inside the three binaries, then you open the program and load, one by one, the binaries, putting your password of administrator, after that already it can be used indefinitely as a free program, although the developer will remind you that you can make a donation whenever it opensIf you have not done so.


Very complete but complex: By rights issues, it must be installed a few components extras that do not want, need or want to include in the program itself. Copying and pasting addresses indicating the safari program, these 3 components are downloaded automatically and indispensable, but does not work the ffmpeg. They are "mpeg2enc,"mencoder"and"mplayer". Once all installed, the program works great.


Is incomplete!: This can not be installed, missing components. This is useless.


They can not be installed...: The Accessories programs, mpeg2enc and mencoder, mplayer, unable to install although I lowered them, ask me password, but that on my iMac I cannot password, and the fucking program does more than ask for it again and again. Do not understand that you I do not? & lt; p & gt; I give a low score because I can not prove it.


Yes you can install: It costs a little to install, but it works correctly. The password is your computer having to install any program. Sometimes the obvious things costs us see them XD


EXPLAIN AS IT INSTALLS: You could please explain to me how do I to finish installing the program, since not is much about this type of program and there are many things that you obviate as if we already the comprehensible.


Installation: Fuck this shit is installed


Very good and essential for mac: It is a super program that primarily for those who have mac is very important because we tend to download American videos and here in Europe this is essential is very easy to use since it does not have as much complication has the best thing is free


Don't see me the 2 cd when I divide a file ayudaaaaaa: If you split a file into 2 parts the first cd is seen in the player but the second not if anyone knows why ayudaaaaa thanks

robert herrea

Opicnion according to my experience: I have it installed that I think I say that I believe because I install it but it asks a lot of information that I do not understand.


Very good...: It is easy to use and converts almost all formats of video to me. Very good.


It is program is out!: At first glance you may seem a bit confusing but the truth is that ffmpeg is the most complete and sophisticated there though, that Yes, takes its time to get all the juice.


So estrellita... But like cone of installs?: So estrellita... But like cone of installs?



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