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Flip4Mac is the only Player official Windows Media Player for Mac, the best solution to play WMV video and WMA audio, QuickTime format in OS X or using your own player, Flip Player.

Flip4Mac 3.0 is very easy to install, showing configuration settings in system and with an independent player Flip Playerpreferences. In addition, you can also install Microsoft Silverlight, Microsoft alternative to Adobe Flash to play multimedia content in your web browser.

So far, to play videos WMV were forced to use VLC media player or plugins like Perian. With Flip4Mac get QuickTime is also compatible with this format, and in the latest version of Flip4Mac 3.0, also will have its own player.

Flip4Mac 3.0 offers the same minimalist QuickTime, with controls for playback, fullscreen mode, support for streaming, control the speed of playback, etc.

In addition, the Pro version offers features only, not available in QuickTime X, as cut, rotate, or scale. Other Flip4Mac Pro 3.0 function is conversion and export of videos to iMovie and Final Cut ProFlip4Mac WMV Player Pro and Apple iPhone, iPad and Apple TV devices.

  • Player + codecs
  • Full-screen mode
  • Supports WMV, AIV, and MP4, among others
  • Official player WMV for Mac
  • Editing and conversion functions
  • It does not include the desktop recording
  • Most functions only for PRO version

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Flip4Mac reviews


Terrific: It allows you to do everything you want, it is perfect for Mac and excellent quality. Fast and perfect installation, quality and Super speed of videos. We encourage you to use it.


excellent: now do not need to have several players for this format, just install it and you can play wma and wmv in quicktime, previewed in finder and to add clips in imovie.


Free, legal and efficient... something else?: Of course that I use linux, but my wife has finally migrated to mac and your windows from audio and video files gave problems. I got you this application and the problem is over. So simple, not necisto more had to pay money or resorted to any illegal solutions. I also recommend Neo Office, a version of open office but for mac that looks great, try it, it is also free software.


Flip4Mac wmv player.: It had accumulated hundreds of files in wmv of banter and short advertising which you people attached and could not see them. I downloaded this program and voila! at last I could watch everything.


Perfect: I was tired of having to go still PC to view the wmv videos, that friends send me via mail. Trouble-free installation,... .perfecto


Integrates into the editing software: For audio and video professionals, it is not very common to working with audio/video files of windows (wma, wmv), but sometimes we find that we have to import a .wmv to a soft of like Final Cut video editing. Flip4mac allows you to import files directly into (for example) final cut without converting them to a compatible format (.avi, .mpg,. mov...). If in addition you do not have a player for all kinds of files like VLC (highly recommended), at least you make sure that you can see the multimedia files of windows on the mac quicktime player.

erwin cruz

Buenisimo: I recommend it 100 since it is an application that allows you to watch videos that are for windows media, bueniiiiisimo.


Excellent: I congratulate softonic, and the creator of this application, I have been very useful for the range of reading of different videos and its simplicity thanks


That easy!: This pack is prisoner, accurate and beautiful videos in wmv... Anything else...


Excellent: Simply excellent don't need never again be turning in programs like VLC or WMP...


Ernsystem: I've downloaded it and it goes like a champion, you can see all programs that need windows mediaplayer, recommended 100 x 100


Hector: For whom they don't want to know nothing of the microsoft family, but need to see files in WMV or WMA this pack allows you to view Quicktime for Apple without any problems. I installed the program and it runs on automatic QuickTime for Apple. More plugs in is not required... Widely recommended.


At the level of playing files Windows...: In what refers to users who want to play video files of the environment Windows in Mac OS X program does just what he has to do, and does it very well, by the way. Professionally I can not tell because I use the free version, and also use it just for that, to reproduce files in Mac OS X. It should be noted that integration with browsers, at least with Safari and Firefox, is great. Once configured entries to certain web pages or servers you already forget it.


Now it goes well: Goes very well with this version (the other created some incompatibility that caused the unexpected QuickTime closure at the end of the video). It looks better than the own wmp 9


Flip4Mac WMV: I thing I found a lot of support in addition to comodo, appeared at the moment just to save me, lol no seriously I was of great help.


Good program: This program is very good, because you don't have wmp waste to see files in this format, highly recommended.


It is ok: I think either... I think that it is easy and does not need greater thing.


I highly recommend it.: So if they are com much higher quality videos than the own windows media 9 for mac. Until now I recommend installing these plg in QuickTime.


It fulfills its function: It is product excellent, easy use and which perfectly meets its function. I am a pcero who also use macos and was having trouble visualising and listening environment wm files with this software been fully resolved


Very useful and easy to use: If you're bored of having to open the files wmv or wma in windows media player It is very comfortable and never gives problems, just the opposite of the other


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