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Puyo Puyo, don't you remember the famous puzzle? A hybrid between Tetris and Bubble Bobble to speak in any way. A nice arcade packed with colorful bubbles that expect only your skill and good strategy to explode whenever you manage to line up four and more bubbles.

FloboPuyo is a clone of the famous classic arcade, but remains faithful to the original so we can say that it shares the same SAP. The goal is to bring together four bubbles of the same color to make them explode. Whenever you get it, you will receive points while your opponent will receive as many bubbles, this will be decisive in the resolution of the game.

The ideal is to perform combos, i.e. that act with strategy so that at one point drop over an avalanche of bubbles that will take your opponent to perdition. You've already understood it, the most fun of FloboPuyo is surely your multiplayer game mode. Are you ready?

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Good game: Good graphics, well easy to use... would Uqe s can ask for more?

Jose Galante

Very addictive: It has good graphics, is very true to the original that is fun and is controlled easily well, good ambient music. And also has a very good versus.

Jose Galante

It is one of the best puzzles: Good graphics (9 points), good control (two buttons), good music, good versus with a partner. Very addictive either alone or versus. Very easy to install



0/10 0 reviews

Simple but addictive game for large and older

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