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HandBrake is an SUV designed video conversion to squeeze video and DVD files to extract all the juice.

Thanks to profiles of HandBrake, you can convert movies to see them without any problems on your iPod, iPhone or AppleTV.

HandBrake allows you to perform various tasks along with the conversion and add subtitles to your movie and new channels of audio, change the video resolution or cut a fragment by eliminating the edges.

  • Profiles for specific devices
  • Good quality audio/video
  • Excessive configuration options
  • Few output formats
  • Improved preview

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HandBrake reviews


The best: without doubt one of the best freeware video conversion


A little-known wonder: Of the few programs that allows you to pass a DVD to MKV converting it by himself the subtitles, you can also paste them to the image. It is fast, totally free, easy configurar(hay tutoriales muy pr√°cticos)... in the end, I was looking for. Format Factory, Koyote and others no longer need them. The results are of good quality allowing correct interlacing and other problems.


In Leopard not cut video.: The version for LEopard (10.5) does not have the option of cutting the video. No matter what say, I have looked at all the options and menus.


Problems with the resolution of the netbook: I have had to uninstall because in the netbook, the program requires one higher resolution and cannot be set. A pity


Low weight but not quality: excellent for ripping DVD and waterpumping size videos and with good quality... In addition it seems complicated to use it, then you'll realize that it is very easy. Use FormatFactory among other known but none like this... Special version of 64-bit


Sorry for the ignorance!: well, I apologize to the developers of this great software, because previously made a negative comment referring to this excellent program primarily to encode super high definition video supported on the container MKV (MATROSKA) and MP4, and esque truth are thinking about future and not present, because especially the MKV format & quot;MATROSKA & quot; It is a container of enormous scope and quality that will surely be enforcing. with regard to the programme the probe and has left me perplexed by the quality of the result, simply awesome and with a size in bits really infimo.


hAND bRAKE : I think it is an excellent software, as three movies are that low to the p.c. and it works SUPER recommend it


I think that is very slow: Gets a good final video, and subtitles can be incorporated among countless other options, but the process seems to me to be very slow. I prefer other converters


big mistake!: go disappointment with this software, as it is that they eliminated the option to convert to divx and XVID and that if it is serious! I will continue using & quot;WINFF & quot; Since the quality of winff is impressive and makes a true quality format to XVID.


Goodbye goodbye .avi: In this version (0.9.4) Handbrake stops support converting to .avi, the reasons that give your website is that this outdated, which does not allow formats options more recent, as .mkv, allow eligible subtitles within the file itself, chapters and other options more techniques.They are surely right but multimedia hard disks and the players lounge dvd not play. mkv. RIP to a .mkv is better than an AVI, (the option to include multiple eligible subs is very interesting), and the H.264 codec is surely better than Xvid, but the resulting file will not be compatible with many multimedia devices. If you want to convert to .avi usa the previous version, 0.9.3 which works very well, or find another program. This Handbrake is very good program that does its job fairly quickly, with a very simple configuration.


The best Ripper...: When I believed that HandBrake was dead and in the freezer, is born a new update of this great Ripper... If what you want is to have your movies on your computer in various formats (AVI, the most advisable for my taste), this software is what you want. -Insert the DVD. -You open HandBrake. Select the download format. -You select the subtitles you want to get along with the video. -Ready, in a given time (somewhat long for the general, but not more than 30 minutes), you will have your movie into a video file with the subtitles that you selected. Of course, if not these familiar with the terminology of videos (AVI, MPG, WMV, etc), a ripper and HandBrake requires at the beginning of the looong time so that you become familiar with their surroundings and their options, which are at first sight too, but that are necessary so you can have total control over the final result. If you're going to try, spend time so that you become familiar, and you will not regret of having fallen.


Manual: I really that will take about 15 days with the and only 3 different videos proving thousand combinations, while the program is coj "$&! ·" the only "downside" is that it is slow but the truth while the aga and don't delay more of zillion days give me equal, and the truth I loved so much that if people see something fish with the I do a manual and ready. Only than 1st step dvd to hd and then play with the, by a mixture of cases 1st q have broken reader and 2 not know q could do it: p (typically everyone ask q passes asi q me tell aware.) Bone me pass ready xD)


Resolution AVI: To solve the problem of the AVI I recommend, using the CCCP codec pack to encode via FFDshow, none of divx or Xvid, and other codecs Paket, the penalty is that I have to continue using the 0.9.3 version to be able to encode AVI (Xvid).


Video Converter of fear: A DVD9 movie compresses it to AVI or XVID in 3 hours in my small laptop (Travelmate 290). It is super and intuitive, although it comes in English, but it brings a lot of configurations by default which facilitate us its use. I think it is great and is free. The most useful for me this program is the compression to 3GP to iPod videos


Takes a long time!: Easy to use, does its function, that you have many options to convert pa film to the desired format and the dimensions that appear, but in my case, I get more 5 hours to convert a double layer dvd to format .divx, that without making changes to the dimension of the images. My machine has a processor amd sempron-2.0 gb and 2.5 gbs of ram.


SaRiya: Hello I am trying to convert to .avi to .mkv of time came out well the only drawback I see is that right at all of the video leaves a bar that blinks and I cannot remove it. I would like to much that had a manual if someone could do it or have one XD because I am very clumsy to use the program. Many thanks to all.


Handbrake and mkv files: I would like to know if it's as good as they say k when I want to convert an .mkv file, the video, but the distorted sound. I have a mac and I choose the iphone presets but nad :(


AVI fails: It would be a really good program if not will I take off whenever I try to convert to avi. Only happens to me with that format.


Very good: Easy to use, allows multiple configuration options, as well as being problem only gratis.el the only esra in ingles.aparte that is the best in its category.


It removes black bands: Not just by the size in kb that you save, if not per hour of play, that you avoid a double black band in the widescreen format.


It is my first program for conversion: Very simple and easy to use is very useful to convert into divx and other extensions only that it is slow if I could upgrade in speed would be amazing


It's a bit conplicado to use: how already dige before is a difficult tool to use and becomes stuck much

I step to Auto Gordian Knot: Although I keep my good opinion about this excellent program, then I tried the AutoGK and the latter solves my needs more fully. If you are interested, you can see my opinion about the Auto Gordian Knot here same softonic.

dirty fingers

If you know the subject so don't use: If you're very ignorant on the subject this is your program, since it is very simple to use. Now if you want quality in your conversions with greater control over compression, do not waste time, it's crap.


A roll: The typical free program that becomes known will have to use a manual, and now for the empoyados of searching for something that is free and working, we know more or less to configure it well, but always leaving the doubt of this option or if this...And we start with the method of trial and error well known! and then Park pa go to the n.A.S.A. does not take money but takes time, for something that tomorrow you format it and just know...And says that knowledge does not occupy place but if takes time. and nowadays not be covering most, if a place or time to have it.Friends time is gold and this is a package.

Make the most of the cpu: This handbrake is being around a descubrimiento.en first, because what I'm looking for is basically a converter dvd to avi on xp platform, and the handbrake is especially oriented to the world of apple users I/o ipod I/o I-tunes, as well as for those seeking to compress files in HD (h264) video, so my expectations were not too altas.pero what I've found is an efficient program that has an interface in English but very rational (referring to version handbrake-gui 2.40 for windows), and that, despite having several advanced features, it offers a menu of presets ("presets") for every need, requiring nothing more than select a "preset", the source folder (or dvd drive), the destination and click on "encode video" to make the entire process of conversion.para which, like me, are not interested in high definition, in the previous sequence, after the selection of a "preset" we will change the codec h264 (default) selection by the xvid, and (optionally) audio codec (aac or ac3) mp3.en the normal preset, xvid with mp3 stereo 192 kps and untouched by nothing else, are obtained with exceptional quality moviesindistinguishable from the original (except in the sound dolby digital 5.1) and native format 720 x 576, including distorted 0, and without loss of size and quality in screens 4:3 or 16:9 panoramic this occupying a size approximately 1.2 gb per each film of 1 h 40 min, that 3 movies fit us comfortably on a dvd-r (or even 4(, if any of them is shorter) kind strong point is its use of cpu, as since is inicicia conversion "put the batteries" and keeps her constantly to the 90-something percent of use, that translates into a good run-time: the above configuration takes about 2 hours on the entire process, which, taking into account that it is a fairly high quality and complete 2-pass configuration (without activating the option "turbo 1-pass") is not mal.ah! and eye with leaving the h264 codec, because in that case you can take 15 hours tranquilamente.comparandolo with simpledix, is much faster and reliable (my experience with simpledivx has been continuously making corrupt video files). compared to the full-featured staxrip, it is more quick and efficient coding (at least encoding to low quality and with designation of final size to 700 mb, is manifestly visible a better quality in the retrieved file with the handbrake as the one encoded using staxrip (in this last, so low bitrate a worst smooth and even mild jumps can be seen in the image))(, as well as a slight desincronia in the audio) its weak point: little need to conform to the size selection (with the preset "broke" to get 700 mb files, typically exceeding always, so do not fit on a cd-r)


THE BEST: After trying, often in vain, to convert a dvd in divx format movie, I found by a member of the Forum Council, this programa.ni to say is that I already have a 5 ripped movies and that hardly noticeable change of the dvd.probe above with dr.divx and autogordian knott and the most rapid and faithful to the original is this program. It is also the only one, to my mind, that unites into one vob files only, avoiding having to find another program that the resulting files. I think that in the end I managed to program I was looking for from it for some suitable tiempo.es have also installed the dvd decryter or dvd shrynk, for not punishing the dvd original.estos programs take the conteniso from the dvd to the hard drive and from there will do the conversion with the handbrake.

Javi gg

You like to get started in the ripping? Handbrake, no doubt: After testing several problems to convert dvd (.vob) files to .avi, handbrake is by far, the best result has given me. The program, even with the difficulties that offer all these applications, if you're not accustomed to, is simple enough to allow you to leave well the ripping the first, and at the same time offers enough options to perform a variety of tests. If you have not ripped never, handbrake is an excellent first (and perhaps final) program.


HandBrake in Spanish?: The truth is that I am not no expert in this, try to use it and so far no is how to do it, the problem is also language, would there will be some version in Spanish or any instructions to use it??


Very good but...: It is very good program, easy and fast but still not make the most of divx format, I know that some programs can be stored within a file with divx format more than one subtitle or more than one audio track... That if it would make very good...


Finally a program that does it well: Previously I have used other programs such as movie jack, simpledivx, etc...with varying results, rather pulling very flojillos and in some cases with the impossibility of the RIP. This handbrake so I used massively in the last month and I must say that the result has been spectacular: has done it all and all good, not be you has resisted anything and never had a failure. Just I find it a little slow, but otherwise fantastic.


One of the best: It is very good to move videos to different formats, fast and has many options, if you configure it well is the best


Interesting: I thought it was very good, not proven at all, but it is excellent to ripping.


Excellent: A great Ripper, simple and at the same time with many functions. Many famous rippers - free and pay - I had disappointed, but this is a great program. Quite fast and not be choked any dvd I have tried it, but sure that is much more likely than I've seen him.


Very interesting: Still have not tried it: but keeps a large space on my hard drive waiting to do so: only by what already promises to me is worth: hope I do not disappoint.



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