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Jabber is an open source messaging protocol. Dozens of programs use it to enable conversations in real time, being the most prominent Google Talk.

Jabbear is a very peculiar messaging program. Not only the mascot chosen - a cute Teddy bear-, but also by the freshness of its appearance. It is by far, the most similar to Messenger Jabber client.

In addition to a pleasant and modern skin, Jabbear has a filter of contacts, history, sending files, custom emoticons and voice chat. Chat, with large icons window, remember a lot of Messenger 8. There is even a button for hum.

Fast, beautiful and with enough customization options, Jabbear is a messaging program to take into account. Too bad that, for connecting to other services, such as MSN or ICQ, need transportation on the server side.

  • Pleasant and well-structured visual theme
  • Very similar, in appearance, to Messenger 8.5
  • Fully compatible with XMMP / Jabber
  • Interesting alternative to Google Talk
  • Transport on the server you need to connect to other protocols

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It really is the best: Fully compatible with xmpp! I.e. it uses a free Protocol. Also can be used with facebook. What a mandatory tool fly it.


Wonderful: Because I think it is very good, if you do not want to cut the cord with messenger is good choice, I've tried pigdin and this and this I liked more, is more graphic, it is just as fast, and weighs very little compared to the annoying messenger that takes an eternity and its weight and consumption of resources is to me too. I highly recommend good choice.


better almost than messenger 8.5:



0/10 7 reviews

Client easy to use multiple network and compatible with MSN Messenger

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Xeus Messenger

1.0 Technical Preview 2
Xeus Messenger

0/10 0 reviews

Care Jabber client, still in development

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0/10 1 reviews

Great-looking and very functional Jabber IM client

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0/10 0 reviews

One of the best instant messaging servers

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