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The Sims 4 of camping is the first pack of content for the Sims 4. With him, accompany your favorite Sims to a field trip where they will be able to make bonfires, harvest vegetables and enjoy all that nature has to offer them. Of course, you can dress and decorate your environment according to the situation.

Welcome to Granite Falls

The most dreamed of this pack of The Sims 4 is Granite Falls, a new district that joins the two already existing in the main game. This new district will act as a place of leisure and relaxation for your sims.

For Granite Falls EA has created new objects of country-themed rooms of a House, as well as many outside elements: from plants and trees to decorative objects of garden through objects to perform activities outdoors, such as a fire or the game throwing the Horseshoe.

These objects, as well as appearing in sites of Granite Falls are unlocked in Buy mode. Thus, you can give your home a country air or reform them completely to the rustic style thanks to the different pre-designed rooms you'll find.

The Sims 4 camping also includes, as usual, new clothes for your sims of all ages. New clothes from the closet are the typical that you put on an excursion to the mountain: boots of montana, pants with pockets, sweatshirts... You can also get playful and frighten the other Sims with a funny bear costume.

Unlike what we have seen in one of the free updates, Los Sims camping 4 does not include any new profession. Although the subject had given for a new career (gardening, tourism...) will have to confine ourselves to the new ability of phytotherapy, that sims will learn potions with many properties.

Enjoy the country life

The idea behind the Sims 4 of camping is similar to rentals expansions that took the Sims 2 (Bon Voyage) and the Sims 3 (World adventures): your sims called by phone to go on vacation, and even modest price, will enjoy accommodation in a solar (camping or cottage, depending on the price) and leisure activities.

Thus, we find the solar housing, in which sims may fill their basic needs and a Park, which has the same use as the community lots of Los Sims 4: activities and meet new sims.

If you've played the Sims 4 you won't be hard to play from camping, and is that really there is no new functionality in the game that you should learn. Everything is to continue to perform daily activities, interact with other sims and explore the environment in search of collectibles. Anyway, if you still get questions, you can access the two new tutorials that you will find in the help option.

An excursion to the ideal field for solitary sims

Camping account with a new country theme that is well applied to the design of the expansion. All the lots of Granite Falls characterized by its lush vegetation and new optical effects typical of nature, as the mist olos insects flying over the forest.

However, I believe a little more that are in the field if EA had added to the solar some wild animals walking out there and some other random event with them (for example, that us incordiasen while we make a barbecue). But has not happened, and Granite Falls is a beautiful landscape but with little life and will miss the good atmosphere that had in the community lots for the Sims 2: Bon Boyage or the Sims 3: World adventures.

What will be your next holiday destination?

Camping is the first pack of the Sims 4 payment and, although his idea is good, some things we miss to make it complete.

For example, although its atmosphere is achieved the feeling of being camping is a bit poor. Non-playable are cast in wild animals lack and more characters that interact, especially if I compare of camping with the lively holiday neighbourhood of previous Sims games.

With regard to the new objects and clothes they are successful, but not so many as one might expect, and more if we take into account that EA has given us some in their free monthly updates.

Despite this bittersweet feeling I have put hopes in the future of content from the Sims 4 packs. What I think has made EA with of camping is blaze a new path creating the option of carrying the sims on holiday. Granite Falls will be the first area that you can visit, but eventually added other thematic areas which in turn will bring more items, clothing and actions. If they add them as free downloads of award to those who have bought of camping will be a success.

  • Rooms, furniture and clothing
  • New skill phytotherapy
  • It opens the way to the holiday destinations
  • Life is missing to Granite Falls
  • There are only 5 new solar

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