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Finally, Macromedia announced the awaited FreeHand MX version, its flagship of drawing and vector illustration, immersed in a workspace flexible and integrated with the products of Macromedia Studio MX. Equipped with new refreshing tools features, FreeHand does not disappoint expectations.

Both used by illustrators, designers and publicists as hundreds of professionals to create vector graphics for print media and create graphics for publication on the Internet, FreeHand aims to accelerate the process of production in illustration, graphic design and creation of Web pages.

Inspects and modifies the properties of any object with the object panel, sorts attributes and edit graphics and fast text styles, add new vector as bending effects and sketch, transformation and transparency effects, persistent links between objects with the connector Lines tool set, develops graphics of flows of information and maps web sites, etc.

It also offers full integration with Macromedia Flash, which you can drag and drop ActionScript navigation, and extrusion tools commands very easily to add 3D objects, vector, deletion and merger.

Freehand imports the following formats: EPS, Illustrator 1.1, 88, 3.0, 4.0, 5.5, 6 and 7 (Mac and Windows), CorelDraw 7 Win, Photoshop 2.5, 3.0, and 4.0, Acrobat PDF, FreeHand, 3, 4, 5, 5.5, 7 and 8 (Mac and Windows), DCS, 1 and 2, DXF, RTF, ASCII, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, LRG, Targa, BMP, WMF and EMF xRes, and exports to Macromedia FlashGeneric (RGB and CMYK) EPS, EPS for Photoshop, EPS for Quark, Illustrator 1.1, 88, 3.0, 4.0, 5.5, 6 and 7 (Mac and Windows), FreeHand (3, 4, 5, 5.5, 7 and 8 (Mac and Windows), DCS 2, RTF, ASCII, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, Acrobat PDF, xRes LRG, Targa, BMP, WMF and EMF.

Ultimately, Macromedia Freehand MX offers new contributions and characteristics that place it as the best utility of design and vector artwork, both for printed works such as publications on the Web. This new version offers a more intuitive and integrated work environment to support the content you issued by your imagination.

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Gloria Hernandez

Problems: I love FreHand, I've been using it since the first versions, and is essential to me. I've downloaded this trial version and I have a problem: installed it correctly, but the program will not start; It gives three or four jumps and then nothing. It can happen to someone? do you have solution?


Left something loose: Despite being a good vector program, to sit to work I can't help but miss the Ivis-fh10/Ivis-fh100/HF100(09370186) and even the 9. Developers unfortunately when thinking about improvements, I think that they dedicated mostly to the web. Still continues to be a good program in addition to being very show.


THE BEST OF THE BEST: Who speaks badly of freehand is that not has taken the most which is infinite, I I assure you. I've been since version 4 using freehand, so I know pretty well the program. I stopped using quark when he added enough resources for designing comfortably. Naturally a 480 page book should not be used for layout because it is not created for that. However I do have layout from simple ads and flyers, to complex product catalogs, I've designed banners and e even made relatively complex artwork. Obviously you need editing photoshop type programs to complement its full potential but illustrator is left at the height of the shoes because of their unthinkable and illogical limitations (do only one page? Greater delay I've seen, a blunder that I do not understand why not corrected...) It is very stable and comfortable, each version improving far above, becoming more sophisticated and practically compatible with almost all resources that are used for graphic design, animation and web. You can do everything and create amazing special effects. Quite handy and easy. Useful drawing tools and correction and maybe the fact that the MX layout could be with so much comfort by adding pages, master pages, creating styles,... The worst news is wanting it is loading. At least in Spain virtually all prepress and printing companies use it regularly (in the hands of graphic designers) and already would have to make substantial improvements to illustrator to get evolve sufficiently and make it as useful and manageable as freehand. at least that let me do any campaigning in the same document and not have to create 27 for 27 versions of the same ad!.! I think "I will die with your boots on" and will continue utiilizando fh while the rest of humanity permitted me.


PROBLEMS WITH INSTALLATION: Help, please. I have not been able to install. On my desk is the program with the extension .sit and when spike to open it nothing at all... what malll? Help please


Appearance: It is a good program graphic hurts have disappear


Freehand was a good software: Freehand was a good software... The mx version was the best, but the change apparently fond of many user interface... Some liked opted for the mx versions such as 9 and 10 and since we consider it better to version 11 or mx as know you... The program was originally created by altsys company, and then licensed to aldus. When this company and its product portfolio were acquired by adobe systems, the new owners were forced to get rid of it: freehand was in direct competition with one of the most important original products of the company (adobe illustrator), Http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/macromedia_freehand Despite the power and practice of freehand remained the second vector program most used in much of the world, occupying the first place the third illustrator, and coreldraw during more than 10 years many were unaware of the existence of illustrator today with the death of freehand, illustrator come to life... The power and power of freehand tools never even to its largest competitor coreldraw, since their very limited heran before such software tools, today former freehand users must choose between two paths to illustrator or coreldraw... The user of freehand that illustrator choose will have to start from scratch to get to know your tools and concepts which will have new experiences and knowledge... But unfortunately needed versatile option in freehand, the MultiPage that illustrator lacks... have to recurril to InDesign... But also obtain tool such as vectorization, gradient fill, or filling of mesh, option for bitmapas among others... Those who choose coreldraw the have access to illustrator and freehand in the same interface, Options bar, auto-numbering, multi-page, colors pantones updated code, and resembling the versions 9 and 10 of freehand... among more options... Farewell to the soul of the freehand along with supporters fellecido hope reincarnate into another body and another name for centuries with love...


Dmay: Is good but I gust to more 10 not be by you like personal



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Incredible graphic environment for drawing and painting, more realistic

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Drawing and digital retouching no longer have secrets

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Corel Painter

Corel Painter

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He paints and illustrates with this powerful tool

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