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Mari0 is the result of joining Super Mario Bros (1985) and Portal (2007), two games that have marked a before and an after, each in their own way, and that you can enjoy a different and original way.

In Mari0 you will find a Super Mario Bros with the same graphics, music, levels and enemies. The differences? That you can make use of the Portal gun to open portals and thus access a platform to another.

Mari0 also has a cooperative up to four players, as well as a map editor, the same that authors have used to create the game. With the editor, you will have the opportunity to create your own maps.

And there is still more. Mari0 allows you to make changes to the game using cheats, and has a skin to play the Super Mario Bros with scenarios style Portal. It even has a tab, DLC, which in the future will contain improvements and new levels.

  • Original and fun
  • Up to 4 player cooperative mode
  • Two different graphics modes
  • Level editor
  • Good integration of the Portal gun
  • Have not improved the graphics of Mario

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doesn't download: How do I install it? esque or says nothing download and that I would have it but us e, I need ayudaaaaa fast


in that bite you to download it: how I download it not give me the option, so I can not download it


Download it is free of viruses: Is free of viruses. It should not be installed, just runs and ready to play! :)



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