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Chat and social networking site Facebook messaging service is one of the most popular today. The access on our phone and your computer, although this last option is often uncomfortable. Messenger for Desktop solves this problem.

Messenger without opening Facebook

Messenger for Desktop is an unofficial client for using the Facebook messaging option on your PC without the need of being connected to this social network.

In terms of options has exactly the same as inside Facebook Messenger: chat/messages to your contacts, stickers, and options for voice or video conference call.

If you usually use this messaging service from the Facebook website it won't you difficult to use Messenger for Desktop: all the usual options are exactly in the same place and icons, although slightly different in some cases, are fully identifiable.

Always chat in full screen

One of the problems of Messenger within Facebook is that, by default, appears in a small window. You can only extend it specifically in a chatroom, but sometimes clicking is uncomfortable, since you can close inadvertently tab of the browser.

Messenger for Desktop solves this problem: see the whole thing in full screen or to the size that you want in the very best way. This option is very useful if you are chatting at work and want to do it in a discreet way, in addition to not be within Facebook in any case.

In terms of configuration, Messenger for Desktop is very simple, already that he thrives on the options you've chosen in your Facebook profile and therefore you will have to touch anything; all consist of you login in and start chatting. The only configurable option is the regulation/disable notifications of messages within the app.

If you receive a link, it will open in the browser you have default. This is, perhaps, the only thing that could improve Messenger for Desktop: would perhaps would not be good, as in versions of mobile, the url in the clicases opened in own app, in the chat window?

Level design, Messenger for Desktop has an interface very similar to Facebook, even cleaner still.

Chat in FB in the best way

If Facebook is one of your websites in chat reference will appreciate that there a Messenger for Desktop. Its use is simple, takes few resources on your computer and allows you to chat in a more discreet way and without having to open Facebook to do so, with the distractions in this social network will be minimal.

  • Chat without opening Facebook
  • No configuration needed
  • Same options as official chat
  • Fits the window size you want
  • The links opens externally

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