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Important: Microsoft has decided to replace Windows Live Messenger by Skype. All your contacts will still be available. In our guide "of Messenger to Skype" will find all the information you need.

Microsoft is premiere, with the seventh generation of Microsoft Messenger. Available in Spanish, Microsoft Messenger finally offers the support of audio and video to the maquera, but only for those who have an Office Communications Server account, which removes many novelty salt not to be within the reach of everyone.

More offers the renewed version of Microsoft Messenger? Well, another novelty is its integration of Apple's Bonjour technology, and a renovated design very reminiscent of Office 2008. Normal when one knows that Microsoft decided to guide your customer from Chat for Mac Professional.

Microsoft Messenger includes features that allow you to establish a more secure communication environment, thanks to the support for server connectivity with other networks like Yahoo, AOL, AIM, MSN and even iChat messaging and Live Communications Server.

Another interesting detail of Microsoft Messenger is the possibility of using multiple accounts, a personal and one for the company, with the possibility of synchronizing the State between the two.

  • Has personal and professional account
  • Also compatible with Yahoo!
  • Emoticons
  • Sending and receiving files
  • Mac's interface design
  • Support video/audio limited
  • It does not include the winks of the Windows version

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Microsoft Messenger reviews


the web cam? : to be honest I like the mac but my problem is the cam I can't see people k have a lot k do not see as my cousin in new york and other things more, the truth please another vercion k have the option of web can plisssssssssssssssssssss


The truth sucks: East I believe is more old new ke and think is equal ke old :(and over has no web cam or call and complain about my friends


not good for naaaadaaa!: does not have web cam I can almost never initiate section tells me that I don't have interned and I'm watching a video, interned by God microsoft is crap...


I am not convinced: Use much fails and is quite incompatible with functions of msn... To see if you get one at the height of the macs


Simple and inefficient: The program has the basics to operate: you can talk to your contacts, put some emoticon, change the nickname, etc. It would be nice if in addition to this it worked well. What do I mean? That often fail messages to other users or fail you messages from other users (this know you because someone comes to you and tells you: eh yesterday I do not contestabas in the messenger!). This pretty mosque. Another thing that bothers is that they will not receive messages offline MSN Live many people use... My conclusion is that the appearance is good and the utilities that it brings are correct but is not efficient... you can't be talking about and think your messages may not arrive. PS: I have assured that the fault is not in my connection.


I choose Messenger 7.0.2: Time ago I use version 7.0.2. It is not the most current version, but its interface is very similar to the Windows Messenger ((I tried the version 8.0 and I didn't). Unlike other comments that I read and I heard, I never had problems like that you check, I can talk to people using phones, which use windows or mac. Can I also change my image to display, and often also that of my other contacts. It is a version of many others, tried some time ago already and I'll take it. This version had a friend who had stopped using Messenger on your Mac for all problems that had, and now uses it without problems, very grateful for the recommendation. Also recommend it Mac users across all of the other versions that I tried and heard, that, as far as I know, always bring problems. Best regards!


good choice : The webcam failure. Use with Mac is slower and not you access all their profits and getting the party had wished.


and when cam?: Recently I switch to mac... and although it is a interesting machine, limited communications, without cam or audio can do little...It's like being with a pc from the 1980s... as not making a globalization also in systems... I have to walk with my pc, more mac to be able to work and have video conferences?


problems with msn for mac: Hi well this msn shuts off when I am chatting IE closes automatically transfer and another problem is that when I admit to a new contact I get as unsupported and I cannot accept it appears on msn as unsupported and I can not Exchange conversation with this new contact

hugo bahia

The ASCO: Should be like the windows Ke not ma world pc and one ke has a mac is limited, if a mac is more powerful ke kualkier pc or lap common and current, then do not understand how the messenger for mac is a disgusting and this windows better! As they say out there I see it and I don't think, ke hurts and the worst thing is ke mac does no good if nobody does anything... Cue there is no hum not can send things people ke off eta only mails, that ke ma that is not always of ke no mamen good bye! Victor hugo molina Hernández mexico city


a better : 8.0.0 beta version is better and for audio and video call also does not have you buzzing and ba quite rrapido is also very easy to handle.


The best is the msn: Msn is best for this mac (for mac) is crap is not video call or anything and as another option may be the skipe io the perfiero for comuncarme before the messenger


Very poor: Hello, for the days in which we are I think a program too poor, Microsoft is could wake a little more, but it seems that mac users do not agree. Nor does it have video calling among other things, if I think that it could improve and pretty and also believe that they are not interested improving it.


It's not so bad: It is not the best thing that exists in the market of messengers mac, but the "new" version is not so bad. Obviously there are better options, as the Adium which is quite stable and has much greater functionality to any Microsoft Messenger. If you want to send your own emoticons, Adium is not the best option, but even so you have both MS MSN Messenger for Mac 7.0.1 or the aMSN (which lately has not been updated, when before very (followed became aware). Also It is the version of Yahoo Messenger for Mac that allows you to talk to Windows Live users (Hotmail). Differ from the view of "who you know to use mac accounts for" do chattear? "." Being honest I have both my account ". mac" which is a true delight as my AIM (aim account, AOL) that are quite popular in the USA and Canada at least. iChat is without a doubt the best messenger client from the Mac and has a service unsurpassed video and audio. Obvious, "against", and is it only works between "Mac's"and beaded". mac" ". I" ".aol" ".aim" It would be better iChat Adium MSN aMSN Gusher The Mac in if they are pretty good and if you like to lose the time on a Mac chatteando, there are 4-5 choices quite good as those mentioned


I'm not complaining...: To be honest, I like more this version for mac compared to pc. Looks more minimalist, it has less functions q pc but in reality they are not necessary, the hum of pc are horrible (bother me too much) and that is something q very grateful to not include them for mac. I use my mac to work basically and the microsoft messenger gives me only the indispensable q is communication.


MOTARD-GUITARD: This version for mac I do not quite convincing because it does not have to talk with the webcam, onWindows can use it but macno and the truth bothers enough.

kosi dread

passable!: good to come from microsoft for users mac is bad, but is clear that is lacking, there are options, and them to become a bit crappy in general, but less da a stone (think that it is the only solution for mutxos of us whose friends use all windows)


The worst version ever made by msn: Whenever I start session they leave me windows for each of my contacts who are online saying that they just to log in when it is not true. In addition to alerts from the messages in the Inbox and unwanted work every full moon. It is an interface slow and with all possible desvetajas to go back to the previous version or use better audium or other multi account manager interface. I do not doubt the advantages that has msn in a windows, but on mac are from bad to worse.


Poor...: I rather use msn to keep my contact NC the couple... and the truth... that not even let me put a photo of avatar... no comments. there I leave my opinion.


It is the only alternative...: ...And that requires us to annoy us, but the truth is that compared to windows is so poor that they are not the same program. Finally, to annoy you touch...


Very poor: It is very poor him keda a century to be as that of windows only serves to chat very poorly or sikiera saves you from one day to another terrible nick


And the web cam?: But q will not make a version with the option to see the web cam... the good times q I am missing by the lack of this option.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


IT WAS NOT SO BAD: Hi! good has not been so bad, the problem is that I could not connect the camera with messenger, and work contacts, nothing else is connected my cooreo personal, if you are so kind if you can ayudarmeai connection.


-: It is very bad and useless. Because Microsoft punished Apple with this program. The aMSN Descarguense is much better and has more functions.


Download?: I have not been able to download this program, I have tried multiple times from different links and not download ever. = S


Totally embarrassing!: Now I remember why years ago I tried this program and uninstalled it immediately. I have not been able to or change avatar, and the strongest is that it accepts its own default avatars! I don't know, does weird things, you save the settings as you want da. Can not trust me that it is operating properly. Outside.


Very bad: This messenger is basically crap. You can't use the webcam, send buzzes or do anything that you can do in windows. Let us hope that they strive to make the next messenger in this no is that nothing be careful but it filled up with restrictions and or if wanted put a nick, why you put it and get a little sign and makes you this could not be put.


It is shameful: Microsoft we have discriminated to mac users, is no longer a technical problem because if you have a paid account you can use the camera, is making us pay users, users rivalry that has with apple, thus at least I ever hate more your applications... So I will continue using amsn or mercury hsta who decide to stop discriminating against us...

byron 15 nolo descarguen

bad q: This does not serve mac please do a version new this disgusting useless for camera or audio q ambiguous little Miss Piggy no downloaded it and best devuelban your windows ompu a q c have


Done to an enemy as Mac: very loose is they could have worked more, cannot be video conferencing, it takes long to load, ultimately very limited


It is the only alternative...: ...And that requires us to annoy us, but the truth is that compared to windows is so poor that they are not the same program. Finally, to annoy you touch...


That disgusting!: that disgust truth one purchase a mac with so much money crellendo that is going to be the best of the best and proves that he is lying embarrassed me show a mac with a msn that does not have to make video calls and a clone called amsn if you have it and half to work: S

metal progressive

Leave crap, is the MSN ever.: Despite having no camera option and other things it seems to me that its quality is in its simplicity, for me it is the most comfortable thing of all. Nice and easy, I'm just be Microsoft, not so I'll put you to give birth. It works perfect. MSN always...


Painful: It is painful that microsoft make these bad versions, and everything in order to win customers in the windows. If you want something practical, simple and with the same features as microsoft messenger, one of the best options is adium


update it: It is a good program, but some details for the update of this program so maybe are missing maas can be complemented.


Bah...: In my opinion the windows 8.0 is much better, this is as its 6.0 but hey that is going to make


Little by little: It seems that little by little Microsoft remembers a little more than those Msn users who want to continue using it on other OS but still left much to be at the level of the Messenger for Windows.


NOT ME LIKING: I did not like the truth em messenfer para mac proved with some other software


MSN MESSENGER FOR MAC: in my opinion this program is quite similar to the typical msn messenger windows. It is a good program that has many pros. and just to let you communicate with other people in the world for free already long ago. I recommend downloading this product from softonic, page 100% safe and reliable.


MSN Corporate (how?): Anyone could tell me how I can connect using the MSN Corporate option? I've tried without success! I get error! It is the only way to use the Audio and WebCam. To see if appears some smartass who knows how to solve this issue! Only you need to use something that is called & quot; Office Communications Server 2007 & quot; I'll try to download it to see if it works with that and then let them know.


installation, support: Unfortunately I was able to install nose if due some settings do not


puFFF: eske truth xa mac messenger leaves much q want... would be very interesting ke the guys at msn currasen it is more the xa mac msn.


None of the other world: A great failure of not allow put the WebCam. The appearance is very basic.

Lola Lorente

All new version, it is interesting: Has improved the search for contacts and is very well (it had no memory than the previous version) option, nothing more than open messenger appear offline

ana 1960

Ana maria: Hello, for me is genia a problem with the cam but I usually fix, these very well informed of your contacts and I think q I have not yet used their full potential but I hope to be able to learn more greetings


Practicamente new NADAAA: Because really talking about how things are, the only thing new that brings is that we can find contacts more quickly... relatively, that the windows messenger brings it for centuries Apart from there remains exactly the same, does not bring anything, should give shame Microsoft get an update so DREADFUL... Hopefully some day get a messenger as the windows... with so many applications...


Poor: It is not the big thing best messaging programs that I would like to recommend, it is amsn is good allows skin and obviously you can have video conferences as well that add icons etc etc, and adium, excellent in its display and with various functions for better visual. Returning to msn for mac many things missing. Best regards


Super messenger: This is very good this program is very excellent I recommend


claudio40: It is good but too basic, you can't use the cam, actually now better use it when very necessary, hopefully leave a version complete for mac


Simply put, it stinks: It is much better aMSN this MSN, but for the mac users who have G5, and want to use msn from microsoft, download version 7 in the page of microsoft or when this here Best regards



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