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Firefox is a web browser which managed to gain a foothold when the market was occupied entirely by Internet Explorer. His secret: power and versatility, gained through years of development, and a huge catalog of extensions to increase their chances to infinity.

A modern and attractive browser

If something has been characterized Firefox is by progressively further improvement which make the program more attractive and easy to use.

While Firefox did not introduce tabbed browsing, that it was the program that ended up catching this so widespread system. Now, in their latest versions, entered the scene: a visual Manager that organizes them by groups.

In addition to improvements in usability, Firefox also brings with it purely aesthetic functions. It is the case of people, a collection of themes or skins that give a unique look to your browser. These skins are previewed directly so you don't have to install them and know how they are.

But not everything is appearance between the virtues of Firefox. If something has made him earn the favor of the users is its compatibility with standards. HTML5 and CSS3 are supported almost in full, as well as the usual using plug-ins like Java and Flash.

Improvements in the rendering engines are consistent in Firefox (Gecko) and Javascript (Jagermonkey) to lighten the program to become one of the fastest to load pages with recent technology.

Expandable up to infinity?

Another section which gives a unique customization are the Extensions, add-ons or plug-ins that are installed to provide new functionality to your Firefox. Thanks to them, you have a browser tailored, consuming resources just for your needs. Here are a few examples of essential extensions:

- Adblock Plus: block Web ads- DownThemAll: download multiple files at the same time- Video DownloadHelper: low videos from any page- Stylish: changing the appearance of a web site- Greasemonkey: applies scripts for many other functions- Picnik: a graphic editor Photoshop style-.. .and many more here...

Our opinion

Firefox has become on its own merits in one web browser standards and an example to follow for free software. Overcome the doubts of their first versions on their high consumption of resources, we have to yield to the evidence: sailing with the Mozilla program is a pleasure tailored to the tastes of each user.

However, there are still aspects that Firefox is exceeded: lightness, ease of installation of the extensions, dedicated web applications... Aspects in which his main rival, Google Chrome, still has advantage.

Try Firefox and do not forget to comment on our face to face with Chrome.

  • Improved the performance of loading and Javascript
  • New design that optimizes its use
  • Support for standards such as HTML5 and CSS3
  • Improved management of extensions
  • Customizable privacy improvements
  • It is still somewhat slow reflexes

Firefox screenshots and videos

Firefox reviews


Version 26: Visually, I do not see any change, but everything works better than ever. On the other hand, the navigation bar is still searchable in google, such as safari for example. But the new version 26 works like lightning! Do really think, Softonic that remains "Slow of reflex" people?


neither as bad nor as good...: It is uncomfortable to do wonders as the handling of history's pages from the mouse/trackpad, and things like, neither NCBs plugins which are for that, simply in eta version not jalan; even with the latest version of flash pleyer of adobe, many things flash just don't know :(


CatalĂ  20.0.1

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Firefox continues to improve your browser

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Google Chrome

Google Chrome

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The more intelligent and fast browser

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(Snow Leopard) 5.1.5

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The fastest browser on your Mac

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The browser to enjoy social networking

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