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Ocenaudio is a practical audio editor, free, easy to use and packed with effects that you edit audio without difficulty and get results of quality without difficulty.

With Ocenaudio can perform basic functions such as playing, remove fragments and other more advanced as record, save in another format and apply effects, like ECHO, transitions fade in and fade out, etc.

If you need an alternative to Audacity, simpler but equally efficient, try Ocenaudio.

Within the reach of somebody

The main feature of Ocenaudio is that it is incredibly easy to use. You just have to move the graph of waves of audio, where you'll see the ups and downs of the volume, to select a fragment and apply an effect, segmenting it, or insert a recording.

Among the advantages of Ocenaudio, is also the possibility of working with two or more audio at the same time through your left sidebar, convenient to combine fragments together.

On the other hand, if you have microphone or other peripheral that import or capture sound, you can record the audio and then save it. In addition, Ocenaudio allows you to convert any audio opened in another format and customize parameters, such as bit rate.

The aspect that most striking of Ocenaudio is its selection of effects, very useful to remove noise, add echo, slow playback, insert transitions, etc.

Very intuitive

What makes Ocenaudio a great option to edit audio without any previous knowledge is its ease of use.

Firstly, everything is focused on a single window, showing a graph of waves to see the audio peaks and know where to cut or apply an effect. From the context menu, or directly with the keyboard shortcuts, you will be able to perform all the actions available in Ocenaudio.


To date, Audacity was one of the best sound editors. Free, easy to use, multi-format and enhanced features within the reach of everyone.

With the arrival of Ocenaudio, you have two options to choose from, that also has an aspect more carefully. It depends on which one to choose.

  • Easy to use
  • MultiFormat
  • Edit multiple files at once
  • Complete information of the audio
  • Microphone recording
  • Good selection of effects
  • It does not integrate aid

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A simple but powerful video for Mac editor

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