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SkyDrive is Microsoft official service to help you to save your data in the cloud, sync, and share them with others.

What it is?

SkyDrive gives you 7 GB of space online, although if you have previously installed it you'll still have 25 GB. You can upload photos, videos and documents on your mobile and access them, for example, from any computer connected to the Internet.

The process is simple, and design helps to quickly find what you are looking for: you can see the list of all files, select the most recent or see which are already sharing with other people.

Save and share

Both for personal use: share your videos and photos automatically, as for working in Word or Excel documents, the idea of SkyDrive is make it easier to share.

Yet to improve

In our tests, we had problems when viewing some files, however, it is expected that the service improve and SkyDrive will become essential for users of Windows Phone 7.

  • Attractive and practical design
  • It allows you to upload or download multiple files
  • Various viewing modes
  • Very useful for sharing photos and videos
  • Some operation errors

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