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The PlayStation 3 console has a very interesting feature: you can play multimedia content stored on other computers on the local network. But there is a snag, and that this feature of the PS3 has many limitations in terms of formats. The solution? PS3 Media Server.

PS3 Media Server is a UPnP for PS3 Media Server. When it is running, the console can Open the videos on your computer via streaming; PS3 Media Server is responsible for encoding them so that they are optimally on your television. Among others, PS3 Media Server handles formatted MKV videos with ease.

Best PS3 Media Server is not only serving to trancodificar video for the PlayStation 3, but also it is compatible with other consoles and devices, like the XBOX 360, hard disk WD TV Live, TV smart, Mobile Android and Nokia and media centers like XBMC or Boxee.

  • Trancodifica all video formats
  • Compatible with many devices UPnP
  • Very easy to start and Setup
  • Performance varies greatly from one PC to another

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PS3 Media Server reviews

explanations: the download but asked me as a program and not media is how to install it

explanations: the download but asked me as a program and not media is how to install it


Because shit I do not...: Hello. Me not me is connected with the ease that presupposed and according to comments. Once he gives up the communication with the PS3, urged me to the configuration or to a backup file that provides the program. Is here where is difficult to digest the aforesaid application, between so many option advanced (for expert users), it is not known where put his hand. In addition, the much-needed support for torpones as the undersigned, comes in English... when touched I study the Gallic language. I take this opportunity to ask a HELP to any kind soul who knows how to communicate with the program. A greeting.


Facility above all: Is super simple to use and works perfectly, better than I expected. I connect by wifi and yet is not lower the quality of video/audio. Use q gave him, x example was the copy me some heavy movie (4GB + or-) directly to the ps3 now q with a flash drive can not be so the console recognizes what you it has q be in FAT32 (format q does not support such large files)


Excellent program: This program makes of cord between my PS3 and my PC, making this last a vast multimedia library.


super useful: It is super easy to connect the pc to the ps3 and can see my pictures, listen to my music, watch movies in my full HD TV! is the best!


very good: very good program to achieve q my ps3 and my laptop is connected wirelessly! not what had been able to make excellent program


Ideal complement for the PS3: With this program I get from the PS3 to my computer files. I just copy to DVD, CD, or USB to load them into the PS3 my pictures, videos, movies, music...


Simply great!: I discovered this casaulidad program, after reading the comment from our friends at softonic, I decided to download it (even though they say that it is difficult to make it work) and install it. After installation of the more simple (typically come on) the only thing to do is... Start the program, and the only automatically detect ps3 (eye have it turned on). When it senses it will leave a huge icon of a plug (not exaggerating lol) and now this, that what we are going to our beloved ps3 and headed to any media folders (photo, music or video) will see an icon of a green triangle, click and see the folders of our computer, already we can only go to those folders that contain photosmuisca, or videos that you want to visualize in our ps3 and ready. The great advantage I find him is that we have the media files from your computer on a TV (in my case in the living room) with the advantages of what that entails (watch the movies without burn to dvd or put them on a flash drive, 32-inch screen photographs (that's my case eh?) and listen to my mp3 in the home cinema.) The drawback that it sometimes takes to load (even two to three minutes... But once it starts it will completely fluid


Excellent choice!: Excellent! In my case or PS3 never found to WMP 11 haci I found this program, do not recommend 100% is very good and my PS3 detected it in a few seconds and now I see videos, photos and listen to music from my HDD to my PS3 without having to move them to a USB great lol!


Very good program: It seems to me a very easy to use program and much better than others. Recommended to 100 per cent.


Did someone say difficult?: I don't know who could say that it is difficult to operate. I have the version for Mac and what you need to do is double click and wait to say & quot;PlayStation 3 found! & quot;. And that's all. For me it is perfect. Pity that transcoding can only do it with MacIntel. I have a G5 and this option does not work. Moreover, I insist, it's totally cool. Perfect for those who - like me - they hate having to walk doing thousand configurations to run something.



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