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VLC media player is an excellent video and audio player . Its compatibility with all kinds of formats, its power, ease of use, versatility and advanced functions have no comparison in its category.

Functions: Plays any video and audio

One of the best features of VLC media player that supports all formats and video codecs. Many of the latter, Furthermore, are added within the program itself thanks to the built-in FFmpeg library.

Among the Extensions compatible containers of VLC media player will find AVI, MP4, QuickTime, MPEG, FLV, 3GP and other formats such as H.264, WMV, Ogg Theora and WebM and many others.

VLC media player adapts to the times including support for GPU multi-core when it comes to decode, including compatibility experimental to new digital formats such as Blu-Ray.

On the other hand, VLC media player comes packed with features, as reproduction of contents by streaming, audio and video, converting multi-format and video, among other effects.

Usability: too many functions?

With so many functions, it is easy to think that VLC media player will be difficult to use. In this sense, the basic functionality such as video playback and control the channels of audio and subtitles, are accessible easily both from the keyboard and from the menu and the buttons of the main window of VLC media player.

Separate case are more advanced features, like convert between formats or apply effects. In these cases, finding these options is more complicated and requires greater expertise.

Presentation: Image is everything

VLC media player stands out for its simple and direct style, an advantage to find what you are looking for at a glance. In addition, interface adapts, since the player remains in thumbnail to play a video screen full if you wish, and only shows the list of playback if you really need it.

Returning to the usability, will miss a better integration of certain functions in the form of buttons or windows integrated into the main player.

Luckily, VLC media player has support for skins, so if you bored the interface default accounts with other costumes that dress VLC media player.

Conclusions: An essential player

Without a doubt, VLC media player is an essential for any computer. As a player is the versatility that you can ask for a program and as a result it offers an unbeatable collection of functions without asking anything in return, it is also free.

It is no coincidence that we have chosen to VLC media player as our favorite video player.


VLC media player comes packaged in an EXE installer file in Spanish, with precise instructions and four modes of installation components: recommended, minimum, full, and custom.Choose which suits you, and already step, select the file formats that you want to program to open by default.

And you you think VLC? It is also your favorite player?

  • Top audio/video compatibility
  • Clear and improved interface with skins
  • Functions for all tastes
  • Plugins for the browser
  • A very sporadic fault

VLC media player screenshots and videos

VLC media player reviews


problems with subtitles: I installed VLC 2.1.1 and work me correctly until I want to add subtitles, that always exits unexpectedly. I wanted to follow the advice of Gustavo to configure it, but when I get a & quot;Consolidated text subtitles & quot; There are only default options, in which the iso-8859-1 is not included. Can I fix it otherwise? Or set it up outside the default options?


Super Nice: Super Nice, not an only problem has given me, everything is wonderful


the best: very good the best one I've used already used it with another computer before having the mac

Miguel Link

The best: Once you use it you realize that it is the best video player that there is your best option if you want to watch videos without installing codecs


excellent: is very very good I already I have version 2.0.5 plays everything and even repairs some indices of movies downloaded from internet


Hi10p running as if nothing: He had had problems with a film encoded Hi10p, since the previous version of VLC or Quicktime reproduced it, remember that I'm on Mac and unfortunately I move with them to play them. Thus that lowering the 2.0.0 Version of VLC my problems are over. Very good solution and perfectly integrates the functions of Mac OS X Lion.


Good player: Plays almost all audio and video files, so far the exceptions are real player files as the .rm, but anyway it is a very good player and simple to use.

Hector Próctor

The best choice.: It plays everything, is fast and is free what more can ask for? I have used it in W and now, pass me a Mac, am delighted that also functions here. For me, the best choice.


The best in Video playback: I only say this 10. Compatible with all, easy, easy. It is even better than Quick Time. And you have many options.


A pleasant discovery: The truth took barely half a year using Mac, and a few days ago I heard of this program. The first impression was & quot; it is difficult to & quot; but later I realized that is the best player that I have used. It supports almost any format, which is one of the biggest advantages, in addition to the various goodies that you'll discover as you use it.


Super player.: Super player that plays practically everything! the picture quality is excellent! Seeing the same file in Quicktime and VLC at the same time, you can appreciate improvement decla image.


question: I up to now use it and goes very well, but I read somewhere that this version reads also rmvb, really?


A great tool for any operating system: VLC Media Player is the tool that can not miss in, regardless of your operational system Linux, Mac OSX Windows o.


essential: It's great, there are movies q does not play me the sound, probe with all players, media player, divx, quicktime, you canvie format, and no havia way, but with vlc, have never had any problems, when it seems q all is lost vcl player plays it to perfection. There are q have it use the system q uses.


A good player: I have used this player on mac and the truth is q greatly simplifies the issue of updates, read almost any format from naturally


must have!: It's great! play all kinds of multimedia files, has included the codecs and does not consume memory-almost, it's perfect! :D


It reads all: It is not to be the best, but it is which reads more formats. SUPER. Because if it's cut, but I have no more to say, I can repeat and thus at = gaño to the software OK? It is not to be the best, but it is which reads more formats. SUPER. It is not to be the best, but it is which reads more formats. SUPER. It is not to be the best, but it is which reads more formats. SUPER. It is not to be the best, but it is which reads more formats. SUPER. It is not to be the best, but it is which reads more formats. SUPER.


Essential to all Mac: If you just buy a Mac you have to download this application. To install it you save back to never install any codec, it recognizes everything and save be getting loose in the system codecs.

blackiller mac

The best video player VLC: VLC is the video player you have installed on your mac, plus play various video formats is fairly stable, since installing it I've never had to force output, is also very simple to use, install, and update since opening the application updates automatically. I have used both to which I have tried it on other operating systems and works great, simply the best video quintessential player.


VLC: VLC is an excellent option to watch videos on Mac, I have not had any failure so far, and I've been using it for 3 years approximately. It has many other functions and play the most used in the network. I love it!


Indispensable for Mac application.: If you buy a Mac, this is one of the applications that must be installed to turn on the computer, for the simple fact that it recognizes all codecs and forget to walk by installing every time you change your format. ONLY THAT!!


Tuning: The best for PC but to do for Mac? One of the big advantages is to be able to integrate video subtitles with just drag them but on Mac I can't find how to do it. In the menu video function get me disabled. "subtitle track"


Very good, extremely useful: The truth is that I am new to mac, and as soon as I saw the comments and the description of this program downloaded it right away and really I have no regrets for anything! It is too easy to use and simple. Mac comes with a program to watch movies but it is true that does not accept all formats, on the other hand this one does, I am very happy with the program, very very good, I give him a 10).

Audio has small cuts: It has good mui things, it plays everything. But on mac is not going quite right, in that MP3 refers, has small cuts of milliseconds when it pleases. If you hear in the music vlc it joderá you a puñao


It plays almost everything: That said, to view files downloaded from the internet (you tube, etc.) is ideal. In addition the subtitles can be synchronized. The operation is simple.


Simply incredible: Party that is 1 billion times better than the quicktime, I believe that it is absolutely necessary to watch videos. I in windows using the media player classic, but replaced by VLC and much less petaba the PC of me! and for mac, like not be peta me never with video players, just useful, functional and extremely easy to use. Enjoy it!


Easy, effective and free: Both in the version for linux as its mac version, this player is the best solution for those uncomfortable videos that were you of other operating systems and that you send from time to time from any windows. It is easy to install, does not consume many resources and is very stable. In mac environment may have greater aesthetic but for what was done is to play videos. Recommended for a simple and free way out.


BUENISIMO!: Actually I find cost and download something for my MAC... But VLC is great.


very simple: the program seems great! I learned to handle it easily and that I am not of the more skilled with these issues thanks


Read many files that others cannot. Great, just great.: It is an impressive player, it reads everything, there are files that QuickTime Player sees as evil and that VLC can read them, I, personally, I am delighted with VLC, I have it always at hand to be able to see all my videos. PROS: (it is that it is too long for the Pros section) -You can see a large number of formats, including those that QuickTime will not open. -It is very simple to use. -You can put several videos in the player to see them one after the other without having to worry about having to be opening files each time, enough just by dragging them to the playback panel and is now. -Can further enhance the volume, if the song or video that you play you have a sound a little low, may increase more than allowing you to another player or the computer. -Recently that I use it, I still to discover more things, but I'm sure it can do even more with the VLC


POWER FREE: Reads any format, its power is such that is so essential to have him installed as the team's own operating system.


Excellent multimedia player: In Linux, there are obviously some problems to open certain types of files from other platforms, this player you forget about formats and extensions. Highly recommended, consumes few resources, minimalist, not bulky and useful.




VLC is necessary: It really is a useful tool and very practical... highly recommend it.


Very good: I would say that if you want to forget about format are the videos that you arrive, just click them, open them and watch them, it is the perfect program, catches it all and no more problems. Highly recommended.


Very good!: Already been said almost everything. Try to open some files with Windows MP, Quick Time, WMV Player and not failed. However, with VLC I open everything, including FLV. Very good and easy to use.

Chavo Mauri

It works beautifully: Congratulations to the developers of this program, now that I know what I can say is sensational in its use, and very censillo install

el cubi

Friend program...: and Yes... It is a friend program porqe reads it all, simply and intuitive proof of balasss. Even though I have not taken all the party which could, I can say without doubt that is recommended to have it on your computer.


Excellent player: Easy to use and simple interface. He solved the problems of reproduction in General, except the .flv files but for that use SWF & FLV Player, and in the case of the .rmbv plays only the audio, so to do this I use Real Player for mac. For the rest, great!


The application cannot be used with this version of Mac OS X.: As nose, what version do I install? to which my computer is Mac Os X 10.4.11. the text of the opinion is too short. I have no more to add. Can someone tell me what version uses? I need to change the version.


response to how to put subtitles in mac?: Simply put in the same folder the xxxx.avi movie and the subtitle with the same name xxxx. SRT. and that, to open the movie subtitles appear automatically.


The all-terrain: For my both in Windows as in Mac OS X, the VLC Player has always been the SUV. Play all kinds of video files. I.e., when I see that a file does not play the QuickTime in Mac OS X I go to the VLC, and if this does not play it already not looking for more. Starting from there usually inferred that the file has some type of problem, or that it is really rare. Logically birth from the idea that in my team I always usually have installed the Perian and Flip4Mac, as well as the usual drivers divx.


The best Media Player for mac: It has many functions and also plays many formats


Excellent: one of the best players of the majority of video formats and vastante light to take account of its power.


do media player read any dvd region?: Hello, I would like to ask you, the media player helps me to watch any region dvd? which program do I download so my computer can read any region? I hope you can help me Thank you!


VLC meets my needs: Hello: just tell that to play files .avi on my mac is the best solution I've found. Anyway, I read a comment that says he has not been able to edit video with the. I even is if it can be done, but as a player it works fine. salu2


carnavalito: VLC is a great program, I have open many formats of any type of video, but would be good to find enter a cd or a dvd automatically run it with vlc, or perhaps I have it set vlc for when between a cd (video) automatically run it?. Les I am sincere is my first time that I have a mac and because I love to friends who help me to learn more about it. I have read many programs but idk if they are good. Thank you.


Ease of use, very "Similar" to Winamp: Ease of use, very & quot;Similar & quot; to Winamp, and was what I was looking for, evitame how cumbersome the playlists etc. The most important is the wonderful collection of codecs that have, reproduces almost everything and very stable. For my taste it has some small bugs but paid only with the others, it is very perfect to watch .avi on Mac and to hear music fast and without problems also is plug and play, without becoming nothing at all and is very simple in its resource, highly recommended to listen to music and watch movies at the time.

[email protected]

The best: This program is the best I've seen since you can play all kinds of videos, but it is not the Mac native but is very useful


It is the best in all operating systems: This player is the current is simple, does not consume much ram plays all formats use portable in the cyber and all read them without problems I use it on linux and windows and mac for pc also use it I have mac is excellent


para Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) 7.7

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Powerful media player from Apple

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Two-in-one video converter and player

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Portable VLC

Portable VLC

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Nomadic VLC issue, take it with you on a USB key

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Official version of the player MPlayer for Mac OS X

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Amazing multimedia player for Mac

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para Lion/Mountain Lion/Mavericks 3.2.0

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Player for WMV and other videos

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